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About B.E.A.R. Ranch

A Brief Introduction

Inspired by Baia, Endal, Ace and Ralph, the world’s most adorable senior Pitbulls, B.E.A.R. Ranch, LLC is a full service data management consulting firm, which also provides a tranquil space for business professionals needing some solitude, and models community giving and philanthropy through its Senior Pitbull Mutual Aid Fund. 



Meet the Team

Dionisia de la Cerda, M.P.A., Owner, B.E.A.R. Ranch

Dionisia de la Cerda, M.P.A is an experienced data management consultant with over 20 years of experience. She has worked with data in many different settings including, higher education, corrections, K12 STEM Education, and health services research teams.  Today, she serves as Data Manager for a large research team, and evaluation specialist for several diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism efforts and is the owner of B.E.A.R. Ranch Consulting, focusing on data management, including grant writing, evaluation and reporting support, membership data, inventory, and website maintenance. 

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Mission & Vision

Empowerment and Success

The mission of B.E.A.R. Ranch, LLC is to empower small businesses, nonprofit groups and organizations, independent business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve success by providing data management services, offering small quiet space, and modeling local community giving and philanthropy. 

B.E.A.R Ranch, LLC envisions a world in which business and organization leaders and entrepreneurs achieve success in harmony with their passions, mutually beneficial community relationships and nature as a whole. 




Core Beliefs

Guiding Principles and Values

B.E.A.R. Ranch, LLC is guided by the following:


  • Managing the intricate data needs of clients helps ensure they can focus on their mission and their passion.
  • Empowering individuals and leaders to be authentic, share their own truths, and to connect with themselves and with nature helps to create strong, sustainable teams and organizations. 


  • Clean and clear communication is essential. Face-to-face communication, even when it has to be over teleconferencing technologies, is often the best way to communicate effectively.
  • Confidence is a core indicator of success. Clients and customers should feel confident knowing their data needs are being met, they make time for healing justice, and their community giving programs are making a positive impact. 
  • Being grounded in the communities in which businesses and organizations are located is essential to long-term sustainability and effectiveness. 


  • Trust – Mutual trust and unconditional positive regard is a cornerstone to effective progress.
  • Relationship – Creating lasting, mutually beneficial and cooperative relationships is necessary for advancing success. 
  • Giving – Charitable giving and philanthropy ensure the continuation of one’s mission and passion beyond the business at hand.