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B.E.A.R. Ranch Giving

Promoting Local Philanthropy

B.E.A.R. Ranch, LLC believes in giving back to the community and promoting local community philanthropy. From small businesses and nonprofits, to large corporations, investing back in the community is a cornerstone of building lasting relationships and strong community ties. Contact B.E.A.R. Ranch to lean more about building a community giving program for your business or organization.



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Senior Pitbull Mutual Aid

Promoting Local Philanthropy

Inspired by the lives of Baia, Endal, Ace and Ralph, the B.E.A.R. Ranch Senior Pitbull Rescue Fund is dedicated to providing vet and associated care costs for senior Pitbulls in the San Luis Valley. All donations to the Senior Pitbull Rescue Fund are earmarked and set aside to be provided directly to pet owners in need. 


The Community Foundation of San Luis Valley

Learn more about community giving and philanthropy in the San Luis Valley. 

Community Foundation